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Charity Kamtaura Duburiya

By Charity Kamtaura Duburiya

I didn’t know I was in.

Earlier on I thought to myself well someday I will be, joint to these ‘Inspiration’. The weeks passed by I got sad that I haven’t seen any notifications. Maybe another group will admit me in this wild dreams gone loose and it’s quite a goose chase.

My Prayer group friends offered Praise & Worship to the one True God-The Creator having songs of praise blasting in ears. I went through my notification again. Nope nothing I thought to myself maybe next time but there it was. I was glad not sad. I thank God for this.

I just love it, its my heart’s and it inspires it inspires me for as long as I had this terrific feeling that I can’t explain. I thought it must be ‘destiny’. Ok then I persuaded myself entirely to pursue this but I can imagine it will take time for this to happen. I told myself I’ve got nothing to lose why not give it a go and inspire such events in my life that elevates me in my dark moments. I thank God for that though.

So my new friends in writing I hope to bring to light the mystery that somewhat always shadows every life.

Hi this is just my facebook search on joining writer’s group.

Short Author Bio

Charity Kamtaura Duburiya is a Case Worker @Host International Org/Au for Nauru Regional Processing Centre.

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