I want to tell of my mate Maxi. A Poem by Mulga Pete

Paintings by Max Mannix All Ears

I want to tell of my mate Maxi
by Mulga Pete

I want to tell of my mate Maxi,
with his brush, his paints, and board,
painting stories of his droving days
gone by.

He’s a person with a passion,
for the bush, red dirt, and scenes,
showing hardships of the drovers
and their wives.

Painting towns of dirt and dust,
filled with horses, trains and pubs,
He can illustrate a story
of the time.

From his Kenthurst Sandstone Church,
you will find him day and night,
sitting back behind an easel
made from pine.

Mixing colours on a palette,
to make the contrast on the canvas,
takes a talent grown with age
and skill and passion.

Making magic with a paintbrush,
bringing characters to life,
with boots and whips and hats and horses
is the fashion.

Now, not all can have a painting,
with the dedication of our Max,
hanging on their wall
for all their friends to view.

Cause it takes a special person,
with an eye for artistic talent,
to appreciate the value
that is true blue.

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