Back Yard Domination | by Warren Moore

Tree Roots Back Yard Domination

The back story.

23 years ago in a back yard near you, a young couple had plans of building a home and growing a loving family. They could see the little feet running in the house and swinging on the tyre hanging from the tree in the back yard. It was going to be a magical time.

The house is taking shape and the gardens and trees that they planted to create the screen along the fence are all growing, and growing, and growing.

The family increases from 2 to 3 to 4 and it’s time to pick-up and move to a bigger place with more rooms and closer to schools and work.

The old place is sold to the new family with little feet enjoying the back yard with the growing trees and a house for the dog.

the Deep down in the bulging soil is our villain, with visions of Yard Domination. But he needs more water to grow stronger, so the grip is tightened on all drains and pipes he can get his gritty roots on. Until one by one, the pipes break and the tree roots enter the drains and sewer.

Now no-one wants to go into the back yard because of the smell that is coming out of the ground. When they flush the toilet it starts to back up and is blocked. The washing machine is having problems and the laundry is always wet. Nothing is draining the way it should.

The new owners of the property transform into our hero’s, wearing capes, gloves and masks take on the task of plunging the toilet and pouring chemicals down the drains to clear the blockage. They know they can defeat the villain with a bit more effort, time and money.

A friend from work recommends they seek guidance from a plumbing master, one who has the knowledge they seek to defeat the villain and win the day.

They made the call and arrange a battle, a duel unlike anything ever seen at this address, and are excited to see their champion plumbing master using the right tools for the job to immediately take care of the problem.

The drains are pressure cleaned and the roots are removed, The pipes are relined stronger than before. They know while the trees are growing, the danger exists, but they also know that there is a quick and easy resolution to the problem.

The new owners put their capes away and resume there mild, meek persona’s as stress-free loving parents until their next epic adventure.