Bustling Skyline

Story Outline


Setting: A bustling city with towering skyscrapers, where the protagonist, Alex, a 60-year-old investment banker, lives. He’s always been focused on his work, rarely taking time for vacations or leisure.

Alex is nearing retirement and is worried about his investments. The stock market is volatile, and his financial advisor suggests diversifying his portfolio. Alex feels the weight of making the right decision for a comfortable retirement.

Discovery of the Gold Coast

Inciting Incident:
Alex’s old college friend, Jamie, invites him for a week-long visit to the Gold Coast, Queensland. Jamie had moved there a few years ago and often raved about its beauty and potential.

As Alex explores the Gold Coast, he’s captivated by its pristine beaches, vibrant communities, and booming real estate market. He learns about the increasing number of retirees moving there, driving up property values.

Research and Realisation:
Action: Intrigued, Alex starts researching the Gold Coast’s property market. He visits local real estate agencies, attends seminars, and speaks with locals.

He finds that properties in the Gold Coast have steadily appreciated over the years. Moreover, the demand for vacation rentals is high, offering a steady income stream.

Emotional Depth:
Alex recalls his dreams of living by the beach, which he had shelved in his pursuit of a high-flying career. The Gold Coast offers him a chance to live that dream while making a sound investment.

Overcoming Doubts:
Internal Conflict: Alex grapples with doubts. What if he’s making a hasty decision? What about his life in the city? Is he ready for such a significant change?

Jamie shares his own journey of moving to the Gold Coast, the initial fears, the challenges, and the eventual joy and peace he found. He shows Alex the thriving communities of retirees who’ve found a new lease on life here.

Taking the Leap:
Decision: Alex decides to invest in a beautiful beachfront property. He plans to spend half the year there and rent it out for the rest, ensuring a steady income.

He works with Douglas and Sharon to find the right property and put in an offer. They finalises the property, and starts the process of making it a cosy home.

New Life:
A year later, we see Alex enjoying a serene morning on his balcony, overlooking the ocean. He’s healthier, happier, and has a close-knit community of friends.

Alex pens a letter to his younger self, expressing gratitude for the risks taken and the unexpected paths explored. The Gold Coast wasn’t just a retirement investment; it was an investment in happiness and peace.

Show, Don’t Tell: We see snippets of Alex’s life – teaching local kids to play chess, hosting beach barbecues, attending community events, and more. The vibrant images showcase the rich life Alex has built in the Gold Coast, proving it to be the hidden gem in his retirement strategy.

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