In a story, the inflection can be the pivot of time, a growth of character, the demise of a dynasty. It can be a significant moment in time that changed your life or the realization of the truth. is a place to find the authors significant story of change, love, loss and time. We welcome your contributions, waiting with cocker spaniel eyes, and tail wagging for your inflection, the point in time that convinced you to pen a memory and share it with our cloud.


Disclaimer: is a website that features personal stories submitted by members of the page.

While the stories may be relatable and draw from common experiences, they are not intended to be a reflection of any specific person or situation. Any resemblance to actual people, places, or events is purely coincidental.


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"Fallen Angels' Earth Quest"

Story by Luna Celestia

"Family Holiday on the flying flea"

Painting by Max Mannix

Story by Mulga Pete.

Story of Jett!

The Richardson Chronicles: Flames of Hope

Vampire Blood Not Included

Story By Warren Moore

Deep Waters Chapter

Story by Lydia Penn

ZZZ-Code | The Wright brothers

Illustration by Totally2d

Story by Warren Moore

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