by Warren Moore

Dayton Ohio 1869, Susan Catherine Koerner and Milton Wright have a secret. All of there lives they have had faith and belief in a universal connection, a spiritual intelligence that could be called upon when the time was right. They didn’t understand how or why this was possible, they just had faith. They knew that every person on this planet was capable of calling out for help. It was a natural part of life, if you were in trouble, automatically you would call out for help. Susan and Milton believed that all thoughts were collected in one place and when you asked for help the ether of the universe responded.

Milton was a local church Bishop. He knew more than most about a higher power and the gifts that can be delivered by those that believe. With the life expectancy in 1870 being 41 years, you have to dream big and make the most of what you have.

One night when Susan and Milton settled in for the night, on their old Bonnell Spring mattress, something was different. Everything had aligned, their position on the bed, the temperature of the night, and Milton snoring in a rhythmic tone. The springs of the mattress began to vibrate like a universal antenna, picking up every thought and dream of every person connected to the universal ether.

What they didn’t know was the Bonnell Spring mattress had been created by Mark and Jay Bonnell. The springs were handpicked by Mark on Bonnel Spring Nursery and the Core created by Jay in the factory, twisting heating and stretching the core until he was able to hear that fine musical note that only Jay could hear. The ZZZ code, a magical frequency that resonated dreams and thoughts. Unbeknown to Jay, he had tapped into this universal frequency, creating a radio antenna to collective thoughts and dreams.

The noise in the Wright house was disciplined and controlled. Milton and Susan have 5 children and many nights were spent together keeping warm, telling stories and talking about their dreams and possibilities of the future. They would tell stories of the future, giving thanks to God for everything that they had and the opportunities that would come.

One early morning Orville and Wilbur snuck into their parent’s bed and fell asleep while Milton and Susan were preparing for Fourth Of July Celebrations. Susan had 200 gooseberry pies to prepare and Bishop Milton spent countless hours in preparation for Church duties.

In unison, the boys began to snore and resonate on the Bonnell Spring Core.

As the boys began to snore it caused a vibration in the core, the core responded by amplifying the ZZZ-code. The more they snored, the bigger the vibration and the greater bandwidth was achieved between the Bonnell Core and the Universal Ether. An untapped universe of questions and answers. Every idea ever created is stored in the Universal Ether. But very few are able to tap in or translate the messages.

Immediately, Wilber and Orville began dreaming of wild eagles and hawks swooping and floating on pockets of air, their wings hardly moving as the air passing over and under them lifting them into the sky.

The question was planted deep into their subconscious, “how can we fly?”. They saw visions of trees and buildings, people and animals all below them as they floated above them. They could see their shadow chasing them as they crossed paddocks and roads made by horse and auto-mobiles. It was an amazing dream.

Their minds began to flood with visions, like a cyclone of thought, spiralling and flashing, twisting and turning. Different parts of their mind opened up to thoughts and ideas never before possible. Blood was rushing to their brain to cool them from the intense influx of thought bombarding them with ideas of the future. Imagine the possibilities, imagine being able to see people praising your achievements in the newspapers, of people cheering and throwing great functions in your honour. They were exposed to it all.

When they woke, they both sat up, looked at each other and smiled. They knew. They couldn’t explain how, but they had shared the same dream. An explicit dream, a dream with so much detail. A dream with so much excitement. A dream with a purpose. The Write bothers knew what had to be done.

Bonnell Spring Dreaming of Flight
Bonnel Spring - Dreaming of Planes

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