Our Vocal Vibrant Vegan Victim! by Warren Moore

Our Vocal Vibrant Vegan Victim! by Warren Moore

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Our Bazza’s going Vegan,
is the buzz that’s going round.
Our bearded bogan from the south
is veeing up!

He’ll eat his veggies with no meat,
and drink his vodka and vermouth,
from a vessel big enough
to be a cup.

Now our Norman’s a bit cocky,
and quick to pull the piss,
out of a mate that is veering
from the path.

So when he hears of our mate Bazza,
with his vodka and vermouth,
a little horn sounds in his head
“take up the task”.

So tell me true our bearded Bazza,
of the vegan path you follow,
is it true that only veggies
are for you?

For I have a beer and Angus,
with a chilli that will send us,
to a state to verify
you are true blue.

Says the Bazza to the Norman,
I am vegan it is true,
for I am versed with vibrant voice
of veganism.

Firing a volley of his own,
he preaches vigourously his values,
that a vegan can enjoy
a veg or two.

Not taken by the task,
Norman needs to test his point,
with a vehicle that will vanquish
Bazza’s view.

So he volunteers to pour,
our vegan victim many drinks,
to get him drunk enough
to eat a steak or two.

But the Bazza’s gut of iron,
from years of bourbon and neglect,
hold him steadfast in his vision
on his feet.

Full of Vodka and Vermouth,
the tipsy bearded vegan victim,
found it time to go on home
so he could eat.

Vegan Meals

When the doorbell sounded vocal,
with a pack of piping pizza,
it was too much and our
victim did concede.

Our vocal vibrant vegan victim,
with a gut of piping pizza,
walked on home with head held high.
“Oh what a feed!”

For the story of the vegan,
was created for the Norman,
who he knew would take the task
to bring him back.

And the pizza was a given,
for all know when mates are slipping,
pepperoni is the vice
for this attack.

Enjoy your Friday Night Pizza!

By Mulga Pete

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