ZZZ-Code | The Wright brothers

ZZZ-Code | The Wright brothers

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Bonnell Spring Dreaming of Flight

by Warren Moore

Dayton Ohio 1869, Susan Catherine Koerner and Milton Wright have a secret. All of there lives they have had faith and belief in a universal connection, a spiritual intelligence that could be called upon when the time was right. They didn’t understand how or why this was possible, they just had faith. They knew that every person on this planet was capable of calling out for help. It was a natural part of life, if you were in trouble, automatically you would call out for help. Susan and Milton believed that all thoughts were collected in one place and when you asked for help the ether of the universe responded.

Milton was a local church Bishop. He knew more than most about a higher power and the gifts that can be delivered by those that believe. With the life expectancy in 1870 being 41 years, you have to dream big and make the most of what you have.

One night when Susan and Milton settled in for the night, on their old Bonnell Spring mattress, something was different. Everything had aligned, their position on the bed, the temperature of the night, and Milton snoring in a rhythmic tone. The springs of the mattress began to vibrate like a universal antenna, picking up every thought and dream of every person connected to the universal ether.

What they didn’t know was the Bonnell Spring mattress had been created by Mark and Jay Bonnell. The springs were handpicked by Mark on Bonnel Spring Nursery and the Core created by Jay in the factory, twisting heating and stretching the core until he was able to hear that fine musical note that only Jay could hear. The ZZZ code, a magical frequency that resonated dreams and thoughts. Unbeknown to Jay, he had tapped into this universal frequency, creating a radio antenna to collective thoughts and dreams.

The noise in the Wright house was disciplined and controlled. Milton and Susan have 5 children and many nights were spent together keeping warm, telling stories and talking about their dreams and possibilities of the future. They would tell stories of the future, giving thanks to God for everything that they had and the opportunities that would come.

One early morning Orville and Wilbur snuck into their parent’s bed and fell asleep while Milton and Susan were preparing for Fourth Of July Celebrations. Susan had 200 gooseberry pies to prepare and Bishop Milton spent countless hours in preparation for Church duties.

In unison, the boys began to snore and resonate on the Bonnell Spring Core.

As the boys began to snore it caused a vibration in the core, the core responded by amplifying the ZZZ-code. The more they snored, the bigger the vibration and the greater bandwidth was achieved between the Bonnell Core and the Universal Ether. An untapped universe of questions and answers. Every idea ever created is stored in the Universal Ether. But very few are able to tap in or translate the messages.

Immediately, Wilber and Orville began dreaming of wild eagles and hawks swooping and floating on pockets of air, their wings hardly moving as the air passing over and under them lifting them into the sky.

Bonnel Spring - Dreaming of Planes

The question was planted deep into their subconscious, “how can we fly?”. They saw visions of trees and buildings, people and animals all below them as they floated above them. They could see their shadow chasing them as they crossed paddocks and roads made by horse and auto-mobiles. It was an amazing dream.

Their minds began to flood with visions, like a cyclone of thought, spiralling and flashing, twisting and turning. Different parts of their mind opened up to thoughts and ideas never before possible. Blood was rushing to their brain to cool them from the intense influx of thought bombarding them with ideas of the future. Imagine the possibilities, imagine being able to see people praising your achievements in the newspapers, of people cheering and throwing great functions in your honour. They were exposed to it all.

When they woke, they both sat up, looked at each other and smiled. They knew. They couldn’t explain how, but they had shared the same dream. An explicit dream, a dream with so much detail. A dream with so much excitement. A dream with a purpose. The Write bothers knew what had to be done.

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Bonnell Spring Nursery

Bonnell Spring Nursery

Bonnell Training

By Warren Moore

Very few are chosen for an elite team, only those bread for the challenge have any chance of surviving the pressure. One stands out from all others for his heroic missions and his story has become legend. This story is about one Elite Team and their team leader PK Spring. The team called him “Pockets”. A team of hourglass springs linked at the elbows with helical crosswise precision to form the very first Bonnell High-Performance Mattress.

Legend speaks of this solitary spring, a great holy spring that was able to tension and vibrate at the exact harmonic necessary to reach the ZZZ-code. The ZZZ-code is a harmonic linked to the interetheric energy stored as Ether. The transmission medium for the propagation of electromagnetic or gravitational forces known as thought.

Bonnell Spring Holy Man

This is how the story was told to me, passed on through the generations from father to son! This story is about an Elite Team of courageous youth bound together, each responsible for the life of the next.

It was early Spring, the leaves began to appear at Bonnell Spring Nursery. All the time and effort put into preparing the soil, planting and watering were starting to be visible. It was an exciting time for Mark and the team. They knew this year was going to be a special year. With the right environment, our new crop will be starting to bounce in 3 to 4 weeks.

Systems are in place to take a sapling spring and nurture it into a high-quality hourglass bed spring. But only the elite would become part of the high-performance team. To become an elite, it takes special breading, ancestry and bloodline, only the right tensions at the right time with the right temperature can produce something so precise.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Jay Bonnell, the foreman in charge of High-Performance manufacture, was working diligently, preparing the new harvest of springs. Only the toughest of springs can handle the “Jay tuned torture” required to create the Bonnell Spring Core. Like an army boot camp only the toughest survive. Pockets new that only as a team could they reach their performance goals.

Bonnell Spring Training 1

Only one team will make it. The pressure is enormous.

Strength and discipline, heat and pressure, hurdle after hurdle must be dominated.

Bonnell Spring training

Only one team will stand above the rest. The surviving team will qualify for this leap into legend.

Bonnell High performance spring

Boot camp was brutal, both physically and mentally. The broken remains of springs that failed, get buried in the ground to strengthen the new crop. Only one team qualified.

Jay knows that with the right tensions and exactness of angles he can create the perfect support layer in a Bonnell High Performance mattress. But it take time and patience. The wrong tension or the wrong angle and a mattress can fail. The human population was depending on him.

bonnel spring core

As Jay pulls tight and tensions the mattress for the final time, he listens carefully for a distinct hum, that musical note only he seems to be able to hear. It’s the scream from Pockets and his team as they reach breaking point.

But this time was different. On the final spring tune, Jay heard a musical note, a pitch he had never heard before. Without knowing, Jay had created the optimum tension for ZZZ-code translation.

The ZZZ-code has been secretly published in plain sight for generations. It’s believed to have originated from ancient Maya script with symbols and inscriptions often written in columns two glyphs wide. Each successive pair of columns read left to right, top to bottom in the distinct shape of a Z.

Bonnell Spring ZZZ-Code

Modern-day ZZZ-code is often found in animated text showing the symbol of a man sleeping and communicating with the Ether while snoring. This ancient practice perfected over generations enables the practitioner to sleep, dream and communicate. But only the most practised holy men are able to understand the code. Few can translate its meaning. Until now.


Jay doesn’t know it yet, but he is the inventor of one of the greatest achievements of mankind. He has accidentally stumbled upon, the frequency necessary to amplify the ZZZ-code.

Albert Einstein spoke of the aether as the velocity of a wave proportional to the square root of the elastic forces which cause [its] propagation, and inversely proportional to the mass of the aether moved by these forces.

ZZZ-Code is the goal, very few reach it. Pockets and his team are about to change the future. The first documented encounter was in 1869. The young family of Susan Catherine Koerner and Milton Wright.

Read the ZZZ-Code | The Write Brothers

Bonnel Spring Dreaming of Planes

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Back Yard Domination by Warren Moore

Back Yard Domination by Warren Moore

Back Yard Domination | by Warren Moore

Tree Roots Back Yard Domination

The back story.

23 years ago in a back yard near you, a young couple had plans of building a home and growing a loving family. They could see the little feet running in the house and swinging on the tyre hanging from the tree in the back yard. It was going to be a magical time.

The house is taking shape and the gardens and trees that they planted to create the screen along the fence are all growing, and growing, and growing.

The family increases from 2 to 3 to 4 and it’s time to pick-up and move to a bigger place with more rooms and closer to schools and work.

The old place is sold to the new family with little feet enjoying the back yard with the growing trees and a house for the dog.

the Deep down in the bulging soil is our villain, with visions of Yard Domination. But he needs more water to grow stronger, so the grip is tightened on all drains and pipes he can get his gritty roots on. Until one by one, the pipes break and the tree roots enter the drains and sewer.

Now no-one wants to go into the back yard because of the smell that is coming out of the ground. When they flush the toilet it starts to back up and is blocked. The washing machine is having problems and the laundry is always wet. Nothing is draining the way it should.

The new owners of the property transform into our hero’s, wearing capes, gloves and masks take on the task of plunging the toilet and pouring chemicals down the drains to clear the blockage. They know they can defeat the villain with a bit more effort, time and money.

A friend from work recommends they seek guidance from a plumbing master, one who has the knowledge they seek to defeat the villain and win the day.

They made the call and arrange a battle, a duel unlike anything ever seen at this address, and are excited to see their champion plumbing master using the right tools for the job to immediately take care of the problem.

The drains are pressure cleaned and the roots are removed, The pipes are relined stronger than before. They know while the trees are growing, the danger exists, but they also know that there is a quick and easy resolution to the problem.

The new owners put their capes away and resume there mild, meek persona’s as stress-free loving parents until their next epic adventure.