The 1 little bear and the 3 Locks

Somewhere in the woods a little baby bear was watching as his mother paced back and forth in front of him.
“OK little one, mummy has a job for yooou!” Mother bear stopped pacing and turned to her son. “I need you to bring me the Lock girls! They are going to be din…err…staying for dinner!”
Now, Baby bear may not be a genius, but he still heard his mother stutter. Baby bear didn’t WANT to eat the Lock girls but he knew that his mother would try to anyway so he sighed.
“Alright mother I will bring you the girls.” Baby bear stood up and sadly walked out of the woods and towards the Lock household.

At a little cottage outside the woods Donie, Goldie and Rosie Lock were baking their mothers famous Triple-Layered-Chocolate-Fudge cake. Rosie was in charge of dry ingredients, Goldie was wet ingredients and Donie was making the fudge. Donie was just putting the Triple-Layered-Chocolate-Fudge cake in the oven when a soft knock came at the door.
“I’LL GET IT!!” said Rosie and Goldie in unison as they ran at the door, whipped it open and looked around but couldn’t see anyone.
“Hello?” Called Goldie leaning out the door. At a soft tug on her apron she looked down and found a small bear staring up at her.
“Hello there!” Exclaimed Goldie. “Look Rosie! Isn’t he adorable?”
Rosie picked up the bear and walked him inside. Baby bear struggled out of her grip and said, “You NEED to help me!!!” All three girls were now crouched around the little bear. “My mother wants me to convince you to come home with me…!”
“Ohh! How wonderful we would lov…” interrupted Goldie but Donie slapped a hand over her mouth and gestured for Baby bear to continue
“so she can eat you all!!!” Finished Baby bear throwing his arms in the air. Donie removed her hand from her sister’s mouth, the three girls had turned extremely pale. After a few moments of silence Baby bear spoke.
“We need to be prepared she’s probably going to find out I lied to her sooner or later.” What happened next was a blur, there was a hurried knocking at the door, the sound of an angry mother bear growling in furry and a speeding arrow shot straight through the window and hit the kitchen wall.

The girls blinked and Baby bear rushed toward the window and peered out the door. There was a man. He wore dark blue jeans, a red plaid shirt, mud stained boots and slung across his chest was a long shotgun.
“I think there’s a hunter at your door!” Called Baby bear. Donie got up off the floor and came to the door, she peered through the spy hole and sure enough there was a hunter waiting at their door step. Donie hauled the door open.
“Hello?” said Donie confused as to why he was standing there.
“Hi, I’m Joe!” he exclaimed “I was walking by and heard someone yelling for help?”
“Yes, that’s right!” Said Goldie brushing herself off .“Come in!” Joe stepped inside and Donie closed the door behind him. Now everyone was seated at the kitchen table discussing a plan of action.
“My mother has definitely figured out that I lied by now so we need a plan.” Said Baby bear who was standing on the chair because of his short stature.
“We need to lay a trap!” Yelled Joe jumping to his feet. “First we…”

Mother bear was furious. How could her own SON lie to her?! She was on a war path heading straight for the Lock cottage. What she didn’t know was that at that very moment the Locks, a hunter and Baby bear were setting a trap. Mother bear let out a growl of pain as an arrow just caught her left arm. She continued on even more enraged than before! As she reached the cottage she sped up and broke down the door, panting she looked around frantically but she was surprised to find that her son was standing directly in front of her holding what seemed to be a…Triple-Layered-Chocolate-Fudge cake.
“Mother!” Beamed Baby bear “I did it! I KILLED the Lock girls!” And sure enough, laying stock still was 1…2…3 almost identical girls behind Baby bear.
“Oh well done little one!!!” Shrieked mother bear over joyed that her son HAD done what she’d indented. “Come and give me a hug!” Baby bear bounded up to his mother knocking her back a little, but that little shove was just enough to spring the trap. First, the girls jumped up and ran at mother bear pinning her to the door. Then Joe pushed a cage in front of the group, and finally mother bear was pushed and trapped in the cage.
“LET ME OUUUT!!!!” Screamed mother bear as Joe dragged the cage into the woods.
“Well thank God she’s gone!” Sighed Rosie “now, the last part of the plan……you get to live with us!!”
Donie and Goldie rushed over to Baby bear and gave him a hug.
“Who wants to make a Triple-Layered-Chocolate-Fudge cake?” said Donie and everyone ran to the kitchen.


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